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To start the scan process click "Start Scanner" button.

Scanner will automatically collect and analyze the files of your website. The scanning process can take up to 10 mins (it depends of speed of your server and amount of the files to analyze).

After full analyze you will get the report. The copy of the report we will send by email for your records.

Don't forget to remove antivirus script from the server when analyze is finished.

Blacklist Status

You can check your website in 100+ different blacklist databases. Includes spam blacklist databases. If your website or server has been blacklisted you can lose up to 95% of your visitors. Some emails will be marked as spam and your customers will never receive and read them.

Extra Options

Do you need clean and protected website? Please learn how it works.

Our security packages cover all your needs. Focus on your business and leave security to us.

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